Fire Hydrant & Sprinkler System in pune

Pune Fire Safety and CCTV has an expert team for installation of Hydrant system with sprinklers. We also carry AMC for the system which is mandatory as per Government norms.

There are many different types of sprinklers, each built for use against different types of fire risks. Ongoing research and development ensures that newer and more reliable sprinklers are constantly being developed. Together with active alarms and simultaneous alerts to fire brigades, sprinklers provide fast and effective fire suppression in the entire integrated fire response system.

Fire hydrant system in pune
Fire hydrant dealers in pune

Pune Fire & safety gives complete Fire Hydrant system in pune. we are porfessional Fire hydrant dealers in pune for installation, testing, commissioning & maintenance services of fire hydrent. Pune fire and safety is recognized Fire Hydrant System supplier in Pune. We have popular name in the industry of trading and supplying a finest range of fire Hydrant System in pune.

As per NBC and NFPA norms it is mandatory to install fire hydrant and fire sprinkler system for industries, residential apartments and commercial buildings. Fire Hydrant system saves lives as well as properties. It is also mandatory to maintain the fire hydrant system regularly to keep it active during fire emergency. Fire brigade inlet is a crucial part of fire hydrant system which is used by fire brigade staff during emergency. We provides trusted fire Hydrant services in pune.

Fire Hydrant And Fire Sprinkler System.

Pune Fire Hydrant And Sprinkler System is Mandatory In India For Any Commercial Or Residential Building. Pune Fire Safety And CCTV helps in Designing The Hydrant System As Per The Customer’s Requirment And Also Helps In Supply Of The Fire Safety Material Till The Project Is Executed. We Hold An Experience Of 8 Years In Fire Hydrant Projects With Experienced Team To Design The Soulution. It Is Mandatory To Maintain The Fire Hydrant System To Keep It Healthy Is Case Of Fire Emergency.

The Most important Usage Of Pune Fire Hydrant System is, It Works Like A Fire Tender Before The Fire Tender Approaches At Your Premise. It Saves Your Lives And Property. Fire Hydrant System Has Saved Lives Of Millions Of People All Over The World.

Types Of Fire Sprinkler

Depend Upon The Requirment, The Fire Sprinkler Is Used Accordingly. Their Shape May Varry But The Purpose Is Same.

  • Normally Pendant Type Of Sprinkler Is Used Extensively in Fire Safety System in Pune. It Hangs Down And Sprays Water In Circular Motion In Conical Pattern And Covers The Enitre Room.
  • Sidewall Sprinkler Is Used In Parking Areas Or In The Ware Houses Where There Is Mobility Of Vehicles And Cranes. “Sidewall Sprinklers Can Provide Cost Savings In Certain Situations Where It Is Not Economical To Run Piping Across A Room,” And “Provide The Required Residential Flow Rates At Reduced Pressures, Enabling Smaller Pipe Sizes And Water Supply Requirements.”
  • Upright sprinklers are used mostly in places where obstructions may block water spray during a fire, and their height allows them to aim water around possible BARRIERS
  • Concealed sprinkler heads completely cover a fire sprinkler with a cover plate, while recessed sprinkler heads remain exposed and surrounded by a disc-shaped escutcheon. Each has cosmetic benefits

Great projects start with great ideas and even better design. Unlike some other companies, who outsource their design to outside design firms, we place an extremely high value on our sprinkler design. Our staff consists of FIRE SAFETY certified designers and supervisors who utilize the latest in fire sprinkler design software.

Fire hydrant dealers in pune

This allows us to design sprinkler systems that fit with other trades and best compliment each building’s design before it is ever built. This cutting edge technology paired with the knowledge of how to best utilize it makes Pune Fire Safety And CCTV, one of the leading fire sprinkler design firms in INDIA


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